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Bichons should be groomed about every 6 weeks and you should bathe your Bichon once or twice between groomings. A professional groomer will pluck the hair out of the ear canals and trim and file the toenails in addition to grooming the coat. It is advisable that you brush your Bichon with a pet  type wire brush about  three times a week to remove dirt and loose hair, and to prevent mats from forming. Get a spray conditioner or use water in a spray bottle to lightly spritz the coat first.  If you begin carefully when the dog is very young, he will enjoy the grooming time, and cooperate. Do not neglect the coat until it becomes matted and then try to correct it all at once. this may result in your dog becoming anxious at grooming time, and learning to hide when he sees the grooming brush!

The Bichon "pet cut" is fairly simple if you wish to attempt it yourself.  The neck, chest and body are sheared to about 5/8" and the legs, face, ears and legs are then scissor cut.  Should you decide to groom your dog yourself, We recommend you invest in a high quality electric clipper (Professional groomers use the Oster).  Begin with short sessions, and lots of praise and treats at an early age so that your pet doesn't dread the grooming sessions.





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